Collection  “Tetris”.

“Tetris” is a small series of jewelry released in 2019.
Earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, etc.
The design is based on the classic tetris principle, triangles have been used to achieve a smoother three-dimensional shape and also for purely aesthetic reasons.
Laser cutting is used in the manufacture, which allows the highest precision that is never achieved by hand. Laser-cut parts are folded and finished by hand. Made of stainless steel, silver and gold.



Tetris kullatud kõrvarõngad
Pendant "Tetris" Anneli Tammik
"Tetris" earrings

The design of the created series is not “carved in stone”, but is constantly evolving and changing.

Improvisation with modules, by placing them differently and folding them, gives an endless opportunity to create different models, and it is easy to personalize jewelry.

High quality modern materials.

Stainless steel, silver, gold. Something for every taste or why not all at once.

Timeless design

Tetris’ playful triangle offers endless possibilities to combine personal jewellry. Add or subtract, shift; smaller or larger. Everything is possible!

Uus kollektsioon Hertz. Modell kannab hõbedast südamekujulist ripatsit hõbeketiga ja südamekujulisi kõrvarõngaid ning hõbesõrmust.
Pronze double lilac earrings. Silver, gilded.